The health and safety of our participants are our top priorities. At Fulham FC Foundation, our intense safeguarding policies and training programs guide our staff in all that we do. We invite you to review our policies below.

Barnardo’s Safeguarding Report 2019

Barnardo’s and the Premier League completed their annual safeguarding audit at Fulham FC and Fulham FC Foundation in 2019. The report summarised the work of the Foundation:

At the heart of their work is a commitment to empowering the most vulnerable members of the communities in which they work. The Foundation meets all of the (safeguarding) standards to a very high standard. Governance and leadership is excellent and there is clear evidence that safeguarding is well embedded in the organisational culture.

Staff working and volunteering at all levels of the Foundation understand their safeguarding responsibilities and there is evidence that the safety and well-being of children and adults at risk is a key consideration in all they do.

The commitment to providing a safe environment for everyone permeates from the highest level down through every aspect of the Foundation and its activities.