As well as sports coaching, we also have a number of education programmes delivered by our very own education team. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Double Club (Combination of literacy, numeracy and sport)
  • Business & Enterprise Programme (tailored to the need, age and ability of pupils)
  • Healthy Living workshops
  • Accreditations (i.e. Junior Football Organisers Award or CSLA)
  • Educational Stadium Tours
  • Employability workshops
  • Environmental workshops

All education programmes are tailored to meet the needs of each individual school and costs are sent on request.

For more information on any of our education programmes, please contact us on 0870 442 5432 (calls will cost 7 pence per minute plus your telephone company's access charge) or email

Premier League Enterprise Academy

In September 2013, Fulham FC Foundation launched a new programme called the Fulham FC Enterprise Academy.

The aim of this programme is to raise the aspirations of young people, equipping them with skills that will help them to make the best of their abilities. It encourages young people to be creative and innovative and expose them to information about enterprise and entrepreneurship.

The FFCF Enterprise Academy consists of 10 modules that are tailor made to target KS2 pupils and will build on the aspirations of pupils as well as giving them new entrepreneurial and business skills that will benefit them in later life. It aims to educate young people with the basic principles of business and self-employment, demonstrating to them that professions within the football industry range far wider than the 11 players a club has on the pitch. With a focus on developing business skills in topics such as customer service, finances and marketing, the Enterprise Academy inspires young people’s creativity and has been recognised as a great way to boost pupils’ confidence and academic attainment.

The 10-week programme can be flexible to meet the needs of the school and will also include a complimentary stadium tour, graduation and certificates of attendance.

Due to new support and investment that we have gained from the Premier League, we are now able to subsidise this programme heavily. Please email for more information.