Multi Sports

With the aim to increase participation and retention in sport, Fulham FC Foundation works with several National Governing Bodies of Sport and other sporting charities, such as the Tennis Foundation to create and deliver projects to attract people into physical activity. One example being, through joint working with the Tennis Foundation, the establishing of a specialised tennis session for people with Down’s syndrome – which is now being replicated across the country.

A method of working FFCF is particularly keen on is capacity building with local clubs, sharing our expertise in delivery, especially with regards to disabled people.

This has been something we have done with both Kingston Wildcats Basketball Club and Surbiton Tennis Club, working with their coaches and volunteers for a set period of time, to develop what their club has to offer.

In both cases, the named clubs now offer weekly sessions for disabled young people as part of their standard programmes.

In addition to this, we are now focusing on a key number of sports which we are delivering in all schools.

These key focus sports/activities will be:

-       Football

-       Multi-Skills

-       Handball

-       Netball

-       Athletics

-       Tennis

-       Handball

-       Hockey

-       Cricket

-       Badminton

For more information on our schools programme or the sports we offer, please contact 0870 442 5432