Javed is a 21-year-old from Tooting, South London. Javed signed up to the My Future Goal programme because he thought that the opportunity to get into coaching with a Premier League club was very appealing. He also expressed a desire to gain qualifications and thought the course would help to build his confidence and therefore gain employment.

Before joining the programme, Javed had left education at the age of 16 with no qualifications. Since leaving school Javed achieved the FA Level 1 in football coaching, but has been unable to gain any substantial work experience. Javed has been in and out of trouble with the police, and had been on bail for a number of matters during recent months, as well as serving a three-month sentence. At the open day, Javed seemed determined to take part in this programme, recognising what a great opportunity it would be to try and turn his life around.

Javed started the course incredibly well with good attendance over the first three weeks. He is an intelligent young man and made good progress on both the Sports Leaders Award and the Level 2 in Employability. However, during week four of the programme, Javed was sent back to prison due to breaching his curfew. Impressively, he maintained communication with the tutors whilst inside and four weeks later he was released and came straight back to the programme. It was after his release from prison that Javed really knuckled down and focused on finishing the programme and achieving the qualifications, which highlights Javed’s determination. Javed continued his impressive attendance record for the last three weeks and was often the first participant to arrive. Punctuality is an area that Javed vastly improved on over the duration of the project.

When asked what he enjoyed about being involved in the project, Javed replied: “Working as a part of a team and being involved in developing and delivering coaching sessions.” Teamwork is an area that has eluded him throughout his education years at school, and as a result he has never been able to finish a course. However, the positive impact that the My Future Goal programme has had on Javed has been fantastic and thus he has successfully completed the course, due to feeling engaged and supported throughout.

Javed will continue his journey with Fulham FC Foundation by committing to a week’s voluntary coaching at the Training Ground. This will enable Javed to gain great experience of coaching, and a greater understanding of working as a football coach. During the time that Javed is volunteering, he has made it clear that he intends to improve his communication skills.

When asked if he would recommend the My Future Goal project to his friends, his response was: “Yes, it is a fantastic course to be on.”