Introduction to Quick Pass

What is Quick Pass?

Quick Pass is a system that allows you to purchase matchday catering at Craven Cottage, using your existing Season Ticket or Club Membership card.

Why are the Club introducing Quick Pass?

Quick Pass allows us to offer a more efficient matchday catering service and to reward our regular supporters with discounts and other special promotions.

How does Quick Pass work?

Our access cards contain an RFID enabled chip which is linked to our concourse catering till systems. Once you have registered your card at, you can add funds to your account balance online by using a credit or debit card.

You are then ready to make purchases using Quick Pass. Dedicated Quick Pass Lanes operate at catering outlets in each stand at Craven Cottage.

What are the benefits of using Quick Pass?

Quick Pass users benefit from the convenience of not having to carry cash and from faster queue times on matchdays. You also receive an initial bonus 10% on the first funds you add to your Quick Pass account, reducing the cost of purchases. 

Do you have to be a certain age to use Quick Pass?

Anyone can use Quick Pass but you will need a credit/debit card to establish an account.

Junior Fans are permitted to use Quick Pass at the discretion of their parent or guardian, although in line with wider legislation they cannot purchase alcoholic beverages.

Accounts & Topping up

How do I set-up a Quick Pass account?

Visit our dedicated portal at

You will need your individual access card number in order to establish an account. You will find this on the front of your Season Ticket/Membership card, on the bottom right hand corner.

You will also be asked to select a password and to add relevant Credit/Debit card details.

Can I only access my account online?

Yes. Quick Pass is designed to provide simple, online self-service via our dedicated portal.

If you do need information or assistance with your account, then please contact our Supporter Relations team during advertised working hours.

How do I add funds to my Quick Pass account?

From your Quick Pass account homepage, select ‘Top Up’ from the side bar menu.

When should I top up my account?

You must keep your account balance topped up in order to use Quick Pass on matchdays. Your balance cannot be topped up once you are inside the stadium, unless you add the ‘Auto Top-Up’ feature.

What methods of payment can I use to top up my Quick Pass account?

Most major credit or debit cards can be used to top up your online account. There is no booking charge or handling fee.

It is not possible to top up you account using cash, cheque or any other payment method.

How quickly will the top up be reflected in my Quick Pass account balance?

You will immediately see your top up reflected in your account balance. Auto top-ups will be triggered when necessary, adding funds in time for you to make your next purchase.

How do I check my balance?

From your Quick Pass account homepage, select ‘Balance’ from the side bar menu.

What is Auto Top-up?

Auto Top-up maximises the convenience of Quick Pass by automatically adding to your funds whenever your account balance drops below a pre-set level.

You specify your own minimum balance. Funds will then be transferred from your stored credit/debit card, directly to your Quick Pass account whenever they are required.

How do I view my transaction history?

From your Quick Pass account homepage, select ‘Transaction History’ from the side bar menu.

Can I transfer funds from one card to another?

No. Each access card must be registered individually and account balances are not transferrable.

At the Stadium

Do I need to bring my access card to every game?

Your access card doubles as a match ticket, so it is necessary to bring it to games. Members cannot gain access to the stadium unless they have purchased a valid match ticket.

Who can use my access card to make purchases?

The account holder may pass his or her access card to other friends and family to use, but in general terms should keep it with them at all times when inside the stadium.

Can I top up my account at the stadium?

There are no fixed locations at Craven Cottage where you can top up your account on matchday.

For convenience we recommend using the Auto Top-up feature, or always make a point of checking your account balance before setting from home.

Where can I use Quick Pass?

Quick Pass is currently available in catering concourse outlets in all four stands at Craven Cottage. Dedicated Quick Pass Lanes are easily identified by the Quick Pass icon.

Further developments may follow, but at present you cannot use Quick Pass to make ticket or retail purchases. It can be used at Craven Cottage only.

You should not attempt to use Quick Pass at locations marked for cash or credit/debit card purchases only, as service may be refused to help aid queue times and customer flow.

How do I use Quick Pass?

Place your Season Ticket or Membership access card down flat onto the Quick Pass reader and keep it there until advised to remove it by the server.

The display screen will confirm your details (name and Client Reference number) and also your current account balance.

What if the balance on my card won’t cover the total amount of my purchase?

To help us maintain a speedy service, we respectfully request that you ensure your account balance is equipped to cover the entire cost of your purchase.

It is not possible to top up at catering outlets, or to use Quick Pass as part payment alongside credit/debit cards or cash. If you wish to change payment methods, then you may be requested to join the correct queue, particularly at busy times.

When will I receive my discount?

There is no discount but fans receive a bonus 10% on top of the first funds they add to their account. For example, if you open your account with £10, then an extra £1 will be added to your balance.


What is the procedure for lost or stolen cards?

Your access card is also your match ticket, so prior to entering the stadium our Ticket Office should be your first port of call for lost, damaged or defective cards.

If you lose your access card inside the stadium, then please notify a matchday steward.

Once you have reported a loss or theft, your access card will be deactivated for both Quick Pass use and stadium entry. Any fraudulent purchases made after you have reported the loss/theft will be refunded.

Replacement access cards

Our Ticket Office can reprint lost or stolen access cards. Please note that there is a £5 charge to replace lost cards, although this fee is waived if you can provide a Crime Reference Number to support a theft of your card.

Defective access cards will be replaced free of charge.

Access cards remain the property of Fulham Football Club at all times, so please take care not to lose them. If you obtain a reprinted card - then subsequently find the original -please ensure that the obsolete one is returned directly to our Ticket Office.

A reprinted card is active immediately. There is no need to alter your online account settings.

What if I need to request a refund for my purchased item(s)?

Items from our concourse catering menus are generally sold on a non-refundable basis.

If there is a problem with any purchased item, then our catering team will be happy to provide an exchange. Please return to the outlet where you purchased the item for immediate assistance.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my account on matchdays?

Quick Pass customer service assistants will be located on the concourse and are easily identifiable by their orange t-shirts and caps.

Our matchday staff can provide immediate assistance with purchases but do not have scope to help with detailed queries related to your account, or account balance. For these and all other Quick Pass-related enquiries, please contact our Supporter Relations team.

Can I purchase catering if I’ve forgotten to top up my account?

Yes. Our catering outlets will continue to offer a range of payment options. Most outlets will continue to accept cash, and a number also have a dedicated line for credit/debit card payments.


Is there an expiry date for my account?

Account balances do not expire and any remaining funds will be available from season-to-season.

Quick Pass can only be used if the relevant access card is linked to an active Season Ticket or Club Membership.

Is it possible to have my account balance refunded?

Refund requests must be made in writing by contacting our Supporter Relations Department.

Your refund request must include your name, Client Reference number, the refund request amount and your signature.

The minimum refund request amount is £10

Refunds will be made directly to the bank account you nominate, and we ask you provide these details at the time you request your refund from the Club.