History of Fulham Football Club

Fulham Finishes 17th In Division One

29 April 1961 Fulham finished 17th at the end of the 1960/61 season, earning 14 wins and gaining 36 points. The second season back at the top proved tougher than the previous one, although relegation was never in doubt. It was also Jimmy Hill's (pictured) last season at Fulham, as he retired at the end of the season aged 33.

Johnny Haynes Becomes First Ever Player To Earn £100 A Week

August 1961 The Maestro made history when he became the game’s first £100-per-week footballer. In many quarters, Haynes is recognised as the precursor to the modern player, with this deal and his advertisements for Brylcreem ushering in the era of higher wages and lucrative sponsorship.