Through The Ranks: Cameron Burgess

Wednesday 5 March 2014 08:00

A player that can operate in the centre of defence and on the left, the youngster is both assured in the tackle and in possession.

You signed your first professional contract with Fulham last summer, which was undoubtedly a special moment for you...

To sign my first professional contract with the Club was a very special occasion and it’s something that I’ll never forget. It felt good because as young players that's what we work towards - it's a sign that you’re making the right steps.

The Under-18s are enjoying another impressive season – what’s your assessment of the team?

We have a great squad here in the Under-18s and, on our day, we're a match for any club at this level, which is something we’ve shown over the past few seasons. We're currently top of the league, so hopefully we can keep that going. I'm not sure what the secret is, there's probably a lot of factors, to be honest. For a start, everyone knows what they have to do out on the pitch; instructions are taken on and put into practice.

For fans that haven’t seen you in action, how would you describe yourself as a player?

I like to think that I'm pretty strong in the air, and I know how to tackle. I’m quite a physical player and enjoy that side of the game. I believe there’s more to my game, though, I can pass well both short and long and, for a defender, I'm pretty comfortable on the ball.

With the way the game is played now, and with the style Fulham have – is it important for the defenders to be confident on the ball?

It's crucial for us to be calm in possession because it's a big part of how the team plays. We like to play it out from the back, and are encouraged to be positive in possession. I've improved as a result, and so have the others boys at the back. I think that's another improvement - I've made progress as a footballer, not just as a defender.

We’ve all been impressed by the recent emergence of Dan Burn, he must be a great example of what can be achieved here at Fulham?

He is, especially as I’m also a young centre-back, and one looking to make an impact in the game. Like Dan, I’m also tall and left-footed, so there are physical similarities. He’s worked extremely hard and after being given the opportunity to play in the First Team, he’s really taken his chance. Off the pitch, he’s a good lad too, and is an excellent role model. He’s been impressive; he’s a great talent.

Your grandfather and father were also professional footballers – it’s nice to have followed in their footsteps isn’t it?

It’s not often that you’ll find three generations of footballers in a family, and I’m very proud of that. My grandfather, Campbell Forsyth, used to play for Southampton and won a few caps for Scotland where he also played football. He was a goalkeeper, but my dad Stuart, was a centre-back like me, and he played for Falkirk and Kilmarnock. So it's been good to hear about their experiences in the game and hopefully I can add to that.