FFC Legend: George Cohen

Tuesday 7 January 2014 09:00

Here in the FFC Kids Zone we uncover the Fulham heroes of the past – the players that your older brothers and sisters, parents and even grandparents used to cheer on. Here, we reveal the talents of George Cohen.

WHEN? 1956-1969


SIGNED FROM: Fulham’s Academy

POSITION: Right-back

TOP ATTRIBUTES: Tackling, speed and recovery

PLAYED A BIT LIKE: Sascha Riether

A full-back that loved to go forward and join the Fulham attack, where he would use his speed and determination to great effect. Made his Fulham debut at the age of 17 and went on to become a key member of the Team – appearing in two FA Cup Semi-Finals (1958 and 1962). 

Regarded as not just one of Fulham’s finest, but one of England’s too, having helped his country to the 1966 World Cup. That means, England have never won a World Cup without a Fulham player in the team! He is still as popular as ever at Craven Cottage, working as a matchday host and as a writer in the matchday programme.

DID YOU KNOW? George's nephew, Ben Cohen, is also a World Cup winner. He won the Rugby World Cup in 2003.