FFC Legend: Gordon Davies

Tuesday 10 September 2013 12:00

Here in the FFC Kidszone we uncover the Fulham heroes of the past – the players that your older brothers and sisters, parents and even grandparents used to cheer on. Here, we reveal the talents of Gordon Davies.

WHEN? 1977-1985 & 1986-1987


SIGNED FROM: Merthyr Tydfil


TOP ATTRIBUTES: Finishing, movement and quick reactions

PLAYED A BIT LIKE: Andrew Johnson

Fulham’s record goalscorer was the Club’s striking hero for most of the 1980s, when he was one of the most-feared forwards outside of the English top-flight. He also played for SW6 rivals Chelsea and Manchester City, but it was at Craven Cottage where he played his best football. 

The Welshman made scoring goals look easy, and although he wasn’t the quickest, his clever movement and ability to lose his marker made him a defender’s nightmare. He also won 16 caps for Wales, scoring two goals. To this day he is still a popular figure at the Club, thanks to his work as a matchday host and regular contributor to the matchday programme. 

DID YOU KNOW? Davies was released by Manchester City as a teenager and for a while, taught PE and Geography at a school in his hometown.