Fixtures Calendar

Which calendar applications are supported?

Any calendar that works with iCal (.ics) or XML format. See instructions below for setting up your Outlook, Apple iCal, iPhone, Thunderbird or Sunbird and Google Calendar.

Subscribe to Fixtures Calendar feed

What is the difference between "download" and "subscribe"?

  • Download is a one-off import of the fixtures. If the fixtures change, you will need to download the calendar file again to update your data.
  • If you subscribe to the calendar feed, your calendar application will sync the fixture dates and kick-off times automatically without the need for a manual update so you will always have the latest information. (Subscribe option is not available in Outlook 2002/2003).

How do I subscribe to this calendar?

Outlook users

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2002/2003

  • If you are using Outlook 2002/2003, you'll need to save this file to your PC. Right click this link and select "Save Target As..." to save the file.
  • In your Outlook, select File > Import menu
  • choose import an iCalendar or vCalendar file and select the downloaded file.
    This is a one-off import, and in the event of fixture changes you will need to update your calendar manually or re-import the file from our website.

iCal / iPhone users

  • Open iCal, right-click the left column where your calendar list appears and select "Subscribe" from the options menu
  • Paste the following URL in the "Subscribe to" field:
  • Select Autorefresh: Every hour to get fixture changes delivered automatically

How do I get the Fixtures Calendar onto my iPhone?

Once you've added the Fixture calendar to your iCal, set up your iPhone to sync with the new calendar.

  • Start iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Select your iPhone under Devices and click the Info tab
  • Under Calendars, make sure you select All Calendars or tick the option to sync the Fixtures calendar

Sunbird / Thunderbird users

Open up your Thunderbird or Sunbird program

  • Choose the menu option "File > New > Calendar..."
  • Select the "on the Network" option and lick Next
  • Choose iCalendar (ICS) format and paste the following URL into the Location field: 
  • Follow prompts to complete your calendar setup

Google Calendar

Open your Google Calendar

Mobile Sync

Your can use Google Sync to synchronise your mobile device with our Fixtures Calendar.

Google Sync for Mobile is available for most mobile phones. On iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices Google Sync enables over-the-air synchronization of Google Calendar to the built-in Calendar on your phone. On most other mobile phones, Google Sync enables wireless synchronization of Google Contacts to the built-in Address Book application.

Note: Google Sync is Beta software. Keep this in mind when setting up and using Google Sync. Make sure to read about the known limitations of Google Sync on your device.

Read more about Google Sync


  • My calendar is displaying incorrect Kick-Off times

Please make sure your calendar is set to the correct time zone. Kick-Off times will be converted to your time zone after import.

If you calendar does not support timezone conversion, this might result in incorrect time display.

  • When I click the link to download the calendar in Internet Explorer, it get this error message: "Internet Explorer cannot download basic.ics from"

Instead of clicking the link with your left mouse button, right-click it and select "Save Target As...". This will allow you to save the file.