Still to come...

Monday 13 August 2001

It's been revealed that the launch of Fulham's new wesbite will take place over two phases.

The first, launched on Monday, saw many additional new features added to the already hugely popular website.

The second, due later in the week, will see features such as Ring Tones & Icons, Online Betting in association with Sporting Odds.Com and Fulham's own SMS service revealed to supporters.

Internet Manager Paul Thorpe said:

"There's a number of things that we still have to iron out. We wanted to get the launch out of the way so that we can concentrate on smoothing any small issues that remain.

"I think our supporters are among the most web-wise in the country. Whilst they feel their way around the new site, I'm sure they'll appreciate that I'm still coming to grips with the management end. Which by the way, is very complex.

"The whole thing will improve given a little time. It's going to take a while for all of us to get our heads around the new system. As always, patience is the key."