Fab Fans

Monday 20 August 2001

Fulham fans have been praised for their fantastic vocal support at Old Trafford by the Club and the media on Monday.

3,000 Whites fans made the long trip North on Sunday after promising the Club's Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed that they would out-sing the United masses. They didn't disappoint.

Monday mornings Observer said:

"There was no lack of vociferous support for Fayed among the Fulham fans, who consistently outshouted and outsang the home support, despite being outnumbered by more than 10 to one."

Now the Club is appealing to its fans to make Craven Cottage a wall of noise on Wednesday as Fulham make their home Premiership debut against Sunderland.

A Club spokesman said: "At the end of last season we had a flag day and Craven Cottage looked like the Wembley of old. The atmosphere was amazing.

"We're hoping our supporters bring those flags and their best voices again on Wednesday. Their support is vital. They were brilliant at Old Trafford and the team really appreciated it."

However, Sunderland supporters are promising Fulham fans tough vocal opposition. Mel Easterhouse who previewed the Mackems visit to the Cottage for Fulham Today said:

"We're a different kettle of fish to United fans. We'll not stop singing for the entire match. It'll be interesting to see who comes out on top. It sounds like it could be quite an atmosphere."

*A number of remaining tickets for Fulham's match against Sunderland went on general sale this morning.

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