Completely blameless

Wednesday 12 December 2001

Fulham Today columnist and former Whites player Tony Gale has come out in support of Luis Boa Morte after having taken a detailed look at events from Saturday's match against Everton.

Despite his initial reaction, Gale closely studied the incident from all angles and came to the conclusion that Boa Morte is innocent.

"Having seen the incident on Sky several times, the angle was much better than the one I saw on Saturday. Luis Boa Morte was completely blameless. I also couldn't see anything to support the allegation that Boa Morte bit Weir.

"He went in for the tackle having touched the ball too far in front, there was nothing wrong with the tackle - he didn't go over the top on David Weir. It was one of those challenges where Weir booted the ball away, expecting Boa Morte to follow through with his challenge.

"As Weir went down on top of Boa Morte, he actually pushed his knee down on Luis. Once Luis pushed Weir's leg away, he was sitting on the floor as everything else was going on around him." Gale told Fulham Today.

With Newcastle striker Alan Shearer having his recent red card rescinded, Gale was confident that the Portuguese striker would be able to win a similar appeal.

"I think Boa Morte now has a very good case for getting that red card cancelled. As for the yellow card David Weir received, that could be debateable. His excuse could be that he fell awkwardly - so he could get away with his yellow card - but having said that he was more to blame than Boa Morte."