Bad day at the office

Saturday 15 December 2001

At ten to three I had a funny feeling that it was all going to go horribly wrong when our Matchday Commentator Jim McGullion called my mobile to tell me that Spurs had kindly given us the only telephone point at White Hart Lane that didn't work!

Panic stations and the horrendous realisation that there was going to be no live match commentary for the start of the game. Great...

Poor Jim, he was distraught. We both were. The one thing we hate is letting down the fans and at this late stage with me sitting in the seats with the rest of our travelling supporters, and Jim receiving no help from anyone at Tottenham, we quickly put plan B into action with Internet Assistant Dominic Guerra doing his best to pump Talk Sports excellent commentary down the line.

I think we eventually got commentary up (of sorts) shortly before half-time and of course our sincere apologies go out to everyone.

Believe it or not, the problems we experience at away grounds are quite phenomenal and seem to occur week in week out no matter where we are.

Our recent outing to Bolton left half the Official Fulham contingent without even a seat, let alone a live phone point, which of course, are all properly and 'officially' booked prior to the event.

We always take along our confirmation fax but that doesn't necessarily do the trick either. This kind of nagging issue is the scourge of football... ask any journalist and he'll tell you the same.

Thankfully, at Fulham, we're a lot more organised. But its a nightmare nonetheless and not one that you can expect the fan sitting at home to understand. But it happens, and with alarming regularity.

Onto the game itself... I'd imagine that anyone who witnessed today's proceedings would probably agree that this was our worst performance for some time.

I don't think Neil Sullivan had a shot to save, and despite having several half decent chances the lads had left their shooting boots in the dressing room.

To be fair (and at Fulham we do recognise that more than one team are playing) Tottenham were very impressive and I thought their ability to always have a man spare, their quick passing, and their general pace gave us real problems.

More than anything, they gave us a lesson in how to finish this afternoon. One we need to learn from...

Edwin Van der Sar could only watch all four hit the back of the net. No blame can be laid with the defence either. Basically, all four goals were down to a good killer instinct and you have to say that Hoddle has Spurs playing very well indeed.

A bad day all round then. But we'll be back next week in the hope that we can put it all right (on and off the pitch) in time for Christmas...

Come on you Whites!