Goma do better

Tuesday 18 December 2001

After such a resolute display up at Anfield many fans were looking for a draw or even a win at White Hart Lane. The nature and severity of the defeat came as a big disappointment to both players and fans.

Before Saturday Alain Goma and the Fulham defence were holders of the proud record of having only conceded four goals in nine games - after 90 minutes against Spurs that goals against figure had doubled.

Speaking to Fulham Today Goma looked back on the disappointment of a tarnished defensive copybook.

"We didn't deserve to lose by such a high score. We're very disappointed because we had gone eight games without losing then all of a sudden we lose by four goals.

"We know that we have made some mistakes and we know where they are, so now we have to work on them. It's better to lose once 4-0 then four matches 1-0. We have conceded all of our goals in one game, now we need to learn from those mistakes and show that against Middlesbrough."

After the match, Jean Tigana stated that the previous game against Liverpool in midweek had some baring on the result. With much of the critical reaction to Tigana's comments focusing on the physical aspect, Goma was keen to point out that the mental side was just as important.

"Before that match, we had the fourth or fifth best defence in the league. I don't know where we are after that result. We now have to be psychologically ready because we have games almost every three days coming up. It's going to be quite difficult physically but also mentally, next time we have fixtures this close, we have to be ready for a similar situation.

"We had a hard game up at Anfield and like Liverpool, we also lost 4-0 at the weekend. That's not an excuse but the match against Liverpool did have some consequences on our performance against Tottenham."

Nonetheless, Goma stressed that Fulham were not starting to develop an excuse culture and cited last season's Championship as proof.

"I'm in a big team that knows how to handle these situations, now that we're in the Premiership we have to learn this again. But the experience is there, we are going to adapt that to the Premiership environment."