There's only one

Wednesday 21 November 2001

Another Fulham Today Exclusive from Ian McCulloch...

A welcome face at the Motspur Park training ground last week was former Fulham captain Simon Morgan. Looking lean and fit and clearly enjoying life with the high-flying Seagulls on the South Coast, Simon was catching up with some of his old mates.

Fulham Today took the opportunity to find out what the large contingent of ex-Whites at Brighton are getting up to.

Simon, welcome back to Fulham, can you let us know how some of our old boys are doing. Paul Watson?

Yeah, he's playing at right back; played every game so far this season. He's scored three or four goals and set up a whole load more. He's still got a great left foot, very talented, I can't really think of any stick to give him!

Danny Cullip?

He's just asked for a transfer actually. The Brighton fans will be very disappointed at that, because he's a big hero down there. But obviously he wants to move on and further his career at a higher division club. He's been in great form this season. I think one of the reasons he want's to move is because he has to play alongside me - he keeps telling me I'm taking five years off his career. I've enjoyed playing alongside him this year and if he does go I'll be very disappointed.

What's the cover like in that position?

We've got plenty of back up; it's a good squad. But Danny and I have played all the league games together and it's gone quite well for us, so it will be a disappointment to have the partnership broken up, although we have got Andy Crosby and Mathew Wicks who can come in and do a good job.

Richard Carpenter?

Chippy? He's one of the senior pro's now; he's nearly thirty. He's still doing the same excellent job in midfield. We call him Hamish because he's got the hardest shot in football. Again, he's another good character, a good man to have in the dressing room.

Hamish? Why Hamish?

Hot-shot Hamish, from the old Tiger comic or something like that. But he's doing very well.

Paul Brooker?

Bossie hasn't had a look in under the new manager unfortunately, but under Micky Adams he had been playing very well on the left wing, doing a good job and looking very lively and very quick as ever. He still lives down the road in Fulham.

Is he out of favour because of a change of style or tactics?

It's really just a change of manager I think. Peter Taylor's come in and fancied someone else rather than Bossie in that position. I'm sure he'll bounce back though. The new man's changed one or two things tactically, but for the most part we're still just a straight four-four-two.

Darren Freeman?

He's had to retire unfortunately. He had a lot of problems with hernias, and in the end he had two operations and didn't want to do another one. Hopefully he's going to start playing non-league.

And finally, how are you finding Brighton?

Well it's not pasta and water anymore, I'm at a proper club now, fish and chips and lager on the coach, and a bit of a singsong. A real football club - it's like the turning the clock back five years!

His tongue in cheek comments couldn't disguise how much affection Simon still holds for the Club. He spoke about how he still plans to make this his final season, but with Brighton set for promotion, perhaps a year in Division One, bad knee permitting, might just prove too tempting. It was good to see him back at Fulham, let's hope that the Seagulls don't forget that they've only borrowed him!