I'll keep spending

Monday 8 April 2002

Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed has promised to carry on funding the club in order to achieve his dream of making Fulham one of the world's main footballing powers.

A recent run of poor form has caused the Whites to drop down the Premiership rankings from mid-table. However, the Chairman was keen to emphasise that no matter what's happening on the pitch he will stand by the club.

"I bought Fulham because I love the club. It is mine for life. I intend to hand it to my children. I will continue to fund the club to the level required to realise my dream and the supporters' dream of making it one of the best in the world.

"Relegation is not in my thinking. You can expect us to enter the transfer market in the close season to strengthen the squad."

Life so far in the Premiership has been a far cry from the days of Division One domination. Whilst some pundits were tipping the club to push for a Europe spot, others were looking at the other end of the table. Whilst the assumption that Fulham would continue their First Division form in the top flight was somewhat of an overstatement, Mr. Al Fayed was positive that the team's form will return.

"We can only get better. We have learned a lot this season and will improve even more as time goes on. When we have built the new stadium we will have a home for our devoted fans and a base from which to grow.

"We must be patient. Nobody knew how we would perform in the Premiership. Now we have learned valuable lessons we are in a position to accelerate our development. I still want to make Fulham the Manchester United of the south. Maybe one day we will be bigger and better."

"It has been tough but I didn't expect it to be easy. We knew it would take the players some time to adjust. Everybody says we play, attractive, creative football but we must find the secret of how to capitalise on that.

"I am satisfied with the players we have brought to the club this season and reaching the FA Cup semi-final is a big achievement. Tigana works harder than anyone. He has managed to improve several players from First Division to Premiership standard.

"He has been very unlucky in the transfer market. He wants a particular type of player in key positions and those players have just not been available this season."