Strength in numbers

Tuesday 9 April 2002

Fulham's World Cup legend George Cohen has called for a summer of squad strengthening after watching Fulham secure a vital point up at St James' Park.

Jean Tigana has already indicated that he would need to drastically strengthen his squad as Fulham have lived a relatively charmed life on the injury front this season. Cohen echoed Tigana's words:

"If we survive this season we need at least four quality players if we are to be a viable proposition in that league. It's still a learning curve for Tigana, it's a very, very difficult league.

"I think Tigana has to strengthen the midfield somewhat. We've got a very small squad and have been without the services of Lee Clarke for most of the season. He's been making most of the play and his absence has worked against us a lot."

The midfield diamond system, which has been a bone of contention for many fans this season was also another topic which Cohen touched on.

"I think we try and play too narrow. With the players Fulham have, they need wing movement. Steve Marlet is a very, very good player who can score goals but he needs service from out wide as does Louis Saha.

"Saha has been doing a lot of fetching and carrying but he's more dangerous in the final third where he can take people on.

"We play some terrific one-touch football but we haven't got round the back of defences enough and are certainly not shooting enough but it's all down to confidence.

"We do make openings but we don't shoot enough. We play too many square passes and don't hit the front man enough. We did it last year, why we don't do it this season is beyond me."