Having a Lemerre?

Friday 12 April 2002

Fulham striker Steve Marlet has not been selected for France's squad to face Russia in a pre-World Cup friendly.

With French national coach Roger Lemerre recalling Liverpool's Nicolas Anelka in Marlet's place, some could view the exclusion as a snub for Fulham's front man.

However, speaking ahead of France's clash with Russia, Lemerre pointed out that he was keen to cast his eye over all available options and nothing should read into his selection.

"The changes are in an effort to see everyone before the World Cup.

"There's nothing significant to read into the exclusions, it's a question of getting all the possible France players together before the World Cup so I can judge their form and see everybody. I owe it to all the potential France players to look at them before the World Cup."

Marlet was careful also not to overreact to his non-selection, stating that he knew all too well that all players had to be considered.

"If I get picked for the last games it means Lemerre thinks I have the quality and the capacity to play at the World Cup, but the most important thing is in May when he names the final list.