We owe it all to Mo

Friday 12 April 2002

From Fulham Today's Paul Thorpe...

Either way, Sunday will tear our emotions to shreds. Win, and we'll be on a high like we've never experienced before. Lose, and well, let's not even think about that one shall we...

A number of supporters have called me this week and the message has been the same from every single one of them.

"Thorpey, just make sure you tell the lads what this game means to us". Of course they already know.

A quiet sense of optimism and confidence is spreading throughout the Club this week, particularly after our positive point at Newcastle last Monday. The feeling is that this was our turning point.

One man who's taken a relatively low profile in the build up to Sunday's Semi is Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed.

On Thursday I met with the man who's made all our dreams come true at Harrods. He was in great spirits and told me what big plans he has for the summer. It looks like there's some great things around the corner for us once again!

His positive attitude and enthusiasm for all things Fulham sent me home on a massive high. Here's a man who's entirely true to his word. He's delivered everything (and more) that he's promised and who's defied all those who said he'd cut and run whenever the mood took him.

They way he was on Thursday, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him standing up and singing his heart out in the Directors box on Sunday!

Last week I heard a caller to TalkSport trying to convince anyone stupid enough to listen that Fulham should not win the FA Cup because it "would be a victory for the money men."

A bit of a contradiction when the three other teams left in the competition have all spent heavily, in particular Arsenal, and our opponents Chelsea. So how this caller came to that conclusion God only knows!

Closer to the truth, is that football fans all over the country should be praying for a Fulham win. If we can do it so can they.

Of course, they'll need someone like Chairman Mo to help them on their way, and there's not many of his type around. But Mohamed Al Fayed has shown the football world that everyone is allowed to have a dream. And sometimes they can come true. What type of game would this be if dreams were given the red card?

Over the last few weeks there's been a lot of moaning and groaning on the message board. A number of calls to the Club and quite a few letters from fans who appear unhappy at our lot. On Sunday all those thoughts must be forgotten. It's time for mass unison and flag waving.

This is our chance to show the watching nation what we feel about Fulham and our leader.

"Chairman Mo's Black and White Army" must be at it's very best because every single one of us owes the man victory. The players, the Manager, the staff and of course every Fulham supporter, young and old, new and not so new.

My dream for Sunday is for us to score a late winner, preferably against the run of play. The massed ranks at the Holte End, generations of Fulham families sat side by side, receive their hero as he makes his way across the pitch toward us.

Then we can all pay fitting homage to the man who's ripped up the football script and taken us to the Cup final, when the conference seemed more likely not so long ago.

That would be no more than we all deserve, and nobody deserves it more than Mo...

You've simply GOT to be there...