Dirty Tricks

Sunday 21 April 2002

Fulham have officially rubbished rumours in Sunday newspapers that former Chelsea boss Ruud Gullit is set to become the Club's new team Manager.

Speaking on Sunday lunchtime Fulham spokesman Chester Stern told of Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed's anger at what he believes to be a 'dirty tricks' campaign against the Club.

Stern said: "I can say quite categorically that these rumours are complete and utter rubbish. The Chairman is livid.

"Mohamed Al Fayed fully backs Jean Tigana, and there is positively no interest in any other manager in the World.

"We believe this is part of a long running dirty tricks campaign devised to unsettle our players and manager at a crucial time of the season.

"Let me state quite clearly that Jean Tigana has always had the Chairman's total support and nothing has changed."

Stern also warned that legal action could follow:

"The reports are scandalous and we haven't ruled out the possibility of taking legal action."