Boa's injury wait

Tuesday 23 April 2002

Presenting a forlorn figure on the treatment couch on Tuesday, Luis Boa Morte was waiting for the results of a scan on the knee he injured against Leeds on Saturday to find out the extent of the damage.

With his season possibly over, the Portuguese international spoke about what exactly happened to him.

"It all happened very quickly, he said, "I was in a challenge with Rio Ferdinand, a fifty-fifty challenge, and I thought I could get to ball before him which I did, but he came into me afterwards. At first I didn't notice anything, but then when I stood up I realised that I had hurt my knee, and in the end I had no option but to go off.

"I'm not really sure what happened, I just felt some contact and went over. As I say it wasn't until I stood up again that I realised there was something wrong. I tried to play on but it was impossible.

"At the moment I'm waiting for the results of the scan I had done on Monday, and hopefully the doctor will let me know the outcome soon. Then we can decide what treatment is necessary.

"I'm definitely out for the rest of the season, the last three games, but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's not too serious."