Stadium Statement

Friday 26 April 2002

Fulham Football Club has become aware that a number of threatening messages regarding the delay to the Stadium redevelopment resulting from the action taken by Fulham Alliance, have been posted on the Club's website message board today.

These are unacceptable. We will not condone or support violence, threats of violence of similar offensive behaviour. The Club has an outstanding record for good behaviour and under no circumstances are we prepared to see that jeopardised.

Wednesday's decision is a temporary setback. We will achieve our dream of a Stadium to rival the very best in the world. We are disappointed by the delay, but it is nothing more than a delay.

Fulham is historically a club with intrinsic family values, the postings on today's message board - whoever they may be from - seek to undermine these values and potentially the Club, therefore we must remain true to the Chairman's vision and behave with the good spirit and decorum for which we are famously known.

Fulham Football Club Stadium Press Office.