No Intertoto woe

Tuesday 30 April 2002

With qualification for next season's Intertoto Cup looking to be a strong possibility for Fulham, concerns turn to whether Jean Tigana could run the risk of bringing the players back for pre-season training too early.

Fears have been voiced in the past that the Intertoto Cup often forced teams back into action too soon after the resumption of pre-season training.

Obviously the risk of injury would be a factor playing on Tigana's mind, but as a well-known advocate of starting pre-season training early, the timing couldn't be better.

A fact that comes as no surprise Whites midfielder Sylvain Legwinski.

"We're not worried about the Intertoto ruining our summer break because the gaffer wants us in at the end of June anyway.

"So we won't be coming in early because of the Intertoto, it is just the same. We are all happy about it and we think it is a good idea."