Intertoto details

Monday 5 August 2002

The Stade Bonal and is situated in East France close to the border with Switzerland in a town called Montbeliard.

The stadium holds 20,000 supporters and we have been given an allocation of 800. Our designated area is in sections G and H in the corner of the ground in the South Stand.

The closest airport is Basle in Switzerland, however this airport is only open until 11pm. The nearest alternative is the Dole-Tavaux Airport.

Tickets are currently on sale for £5.00 through our Ticket Office on the Fulham Road (0870 442 1234) tickets for this match are not available through Ticketmaster.

Tickets will also be available on the day costing €8.

The Club will not be providing any official travel for this match.

Road directions from Calais (courtesy of the RAC)

Start at (Calais) on the Boulevard Jacquard
Turn left into Boulevard Lafayette
Turn right into Rue des Prairies
Join the A16/E402
Leave the A16/E402, and join the A26/E15
Leave the A26/E15, and join the A4/A26/E17/E50 at the Reims-Tinqueux 22 junction
Leave the A4/A26/E17/E50, and join the A26/E17 heading towards Troyes
Leave the A26/E17, and join the A5/E17/E54 at the A5-A26 junction heading towards Dijon
Leave the A5/E17/E54, and join the A31/E17/E21 heading towards Dijon
Leave the A31/E17/E21, and join the A39
Leave the A39, and join the A36/E60
Leave the A36/E60 onto the Avenue de Ludwigsburg
Straight ahead into Avenue du Président Wilson
Turn left into Faubourg de Besancon
You have arrived at (Montbéliard)