Intertoto Final

Wednesday 7 August 2002

The UEFA Intertoto Cup Final First Leg will be played at the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, home of Bologna FC next Tuesday 13th August. Kick off time to be confirmed and the turnstiles will open two hours before kick-off.

Tickets in the official Fulham area will be priced at 10 Euros (£6.00) and vouchers for these tickets can be purchased through the Fulham ticket office.

The stadium has an all seated capacity of just over 39,000, with only the main Tribune under cover. Official away supporters, who have purchased tickets through our ticket office, will be located at the edge of the Curva San Luca Stand, in an uncovered sector that holds 2,500, with refreshment and toilet facilities.

Entrance to this area is via the Via Estro Menabue and then through Gate 44. Supporters should note that there are some seats missing in this area, and that none of the seats have backs.

This is a fully segregated area of the ground, at the front of which is a Perspex screen, but this does not obstruct the view of the ground. There is a moat behind the screen to prevent access to the pitch/track area. The pitch is surrounded by an eight lane athletics track, so supporters are set back quite a distance from the pitch.

Supporters will be searched by the police on entering the ground. The local police have stated that the usual ground regulations apply with regards to what can be taken into the stadium, but have stressed that canned drinks are not permitted, and plastic bottles will only be allowed with the cap removed. However, they did state that in the past that it had been known for belts to be confiscated.

Supporters may be required to be kept behind at the end of the match. The length of time of this delay will be dependent upon the size of the crowd, the result and nature of the match, and the time it takes the home fans to disperse.

Due to the short turn around time between the second leg of the Semi-Final and the first leg of the Final, supporters will be able to buy a voucher from the ticket office, (NOT THE TICKET OFFICE AT LOFTUS ROAD) which will need to be exchanged for a match ticket on the day of the match at a point to be advised in Bologna.

Supporters purchasing tickets through the Club will be required to give their flight/hotel details, as the Club are required to keep a record of these for the local police.