That goalscoring touch

Saturday 17 August 2002

As pre-season training drew to a close, you couldn't help but notice there was one player hitting the back of the net with alarming accuracy and power.

In one particular exercise, the ball was deliberately laid off with an awkward bounce on the edge of the area, therefore giving the approaching striker the ominous task of firing his shot past the waiting goalkeeper.

One occasion stood out above many others. With the final touch providing the onrushing striker with only a slim chance of reaching the ball, Louis Saha threw his right leg up in the air and followed through with a fearsome half-volleyed, left footed strike - smashing the ball into the top corner of the net.

Had that occurred during a match, you could well have been looking at Goal of the Season material. However, against Bolton on the opening day of the season, Saha happily settled for a goal from the spot and three more from his team-mates.

Over the last two games, Fulham have hauled in six goals, four of which were scored by the Whites' midfield. Reflecting on this statistic, Louis Saha was delighted will the midfield's newly found scoring touch:

"The game is a little bit easier for the strikers when you know you have help from the midfield. I think we have the ability to score more goals this season from all areas. We're hoping for a very good season."