Fan in Japan

Wednesday 21 August 2002

It's official... Japanese national newspapers are going Fulham crazy!

Since the arrival of World Cup star Junichi Inamoto coverage of West London's finest in Japan has been amazing as these images prove.

And it's not just back home that Ina has a huge following. As the Club's Internet Manager Paul Thorpe explained:

"It's amazing how many Japanese fans are around lately. I pulled up at Motspur Park last Thursday at 9am and there was a group of about 20 Japanese people outside.

"They were still there when I went out for lunch around 1pm and they were still there when I left for home at 5pm.

"You have to admire their dedication. And it's great to see them wearing their Fulham shirts. It's not just Junichi Inamoto - they appear to have genuinly taken Fulham to their hearts and they are really very friendly, polite people with a great passion for the game."

He added:

"They are happy to wait around and are delighted to see any Fulham player. But of course the man they really want to see is Ina. They seem quite prepared to wait all day just for a glimpse of their hero."

Meanwhile, Inamoto fever is reaching fever pitch in Japan - let's hope Fulham's new midfield dynamo keeps hitting the headlines back home and here in the UK...