The underdogs

Friday 23 August 2002

Steve Finnan says Fulham are revelling in their new-found role as embattled underdogs.

With last season's finishing position failing to meet with the expectations of many a pundit. This season's tipsters have downgraded Fulham's league prospects to the category of 'also-rans' and 'strugglers.'

Last season saw Jean Tigana citing Premiership survival as one of his main priorities, whilst at the same time, the pundits were alluding to a far higher finish for the Whites. Whilst a placing of 13th was a respectable finish for a newly promoted side, Tigana is aiming far higher.

With the tipsters now turning their focus away from Fulham, right back Steve Finnan is relieved that some of the pressure is off.

"If people want to predict that we are going to go down that is fine by us," said Finnan. "Maybe it could even help us because last season they were saying we would do well and then got on our backs a little bit.

"If they say are we going to go down then we will try to prove them wrong. We prefer to be the underdogs anyway."

Finnan added: "We want to progress on what we did last season and finish in the top half.
We know what we are capable of doing. Last season was not really disappointing because we wanted to stay in the Premiership and that is what we did."