McClaren shocked

Saturday 24 August 2002

With only a minute left on the clock at the Riverside Stadium, the Middlesbrough fans were already looking forward to a celebratory drink after what was sure to be a 2-0 victory over Fulham.

A matter of seconds later 'Boro manager, Steve McClaren could only look on in disbelief at what had transpired on the field.

With the final whistle looming and the Middlesbrough fans planning their post-match celebrations, Sean Davis and Facundo Sava had other ideas.

First, Davis struck in the 90th minute to net Fulham's apparent consolation goal. The 'Boro fans shifted uneasily in their seats, but surely there was nothing to worry about. After all, Fulham had laboured in their attacking play for a large part of the match.

Then, almost directly from the restart, the ball was played into the box, Saha missed but Facundo Sava was on hand to slam the ball into the net - sending the Fulham fans in attendance into dreamland.

The impossible had happened, and the Whites had remarkably levelled the scores.

After the final whistle, a stunned Steve McClaren could only look back on 'Boro's Bank Holiday giveaway in shock.

He said, "There's a bit of shock and devastation at the moment.

"But I got a fantastic reaction from the players. They were angry and not very pleased with each other and that's what I wanted to see. I want to make sure that feeling doesn't go away so they will know what to do next time.

"I can't believe we didn't win the game by three or four, we had plenty of opportunities and we paid the price in the last five minutes

"I thought we played very, very well against a very good team. We had the game sewn up but I knew we needed a third because Fulham would come strong in the last ten minutes. That happened, we lost concentration, people didn't do their jobs properly and we got punished for it."