Tigana truth

Friday 1 February 2002

What has chanting on the Putney Terrace and an interview with Jean Tigana got in common? They're both VERY rare! Which is why Premiership Edition Two of Fultime is worth its weight in gold.

No, we haven't developed a magazine incorporating the technology to simulate the sound of 5,000 fans singing. But we do have Route One to Jean Tigana. Fultime exists at the very epicentre of Fulham Football Club and as a result we're "in" with Le Gaffer.

Where he might tell other publications to "allez a la porte!" we got "le nod" shortly before Christmas for an exclusive reflection on his first 18 months at the helm. Without any shadow of doubt his most revealing interview yet, Le Grande Fromage tells all about how he came to Fulham, his thoughts on the English game, his aspirations for the future...and the toothpick!

Essential reading for any Fulham fan. There seems to have been an outbreak of panic amongst certain contributors to the Message Board following the misrepresentation in the media of some of Jean Tigana's quotes from this interview. If you want to know the REAL story and gain a major insight into the dedication, skill, commitment and professionalism of Le Gaffer, you MUST read Fultime. Hear it direct from the horses mouth and don't believe the hype!

Also in Fultime...Rodney Marsh, Sky pundit and former Fulham player, is one of football's true mavericks. Like Mullery and Macdonald, he started at Fulham but went for a steal before returning later in his career to spice up the Seventies. With a new autobiography just out, Rod the Mod digs out some classic Fulham anecdotes while casting his opinion on the Fulham of today.
Did you know that your average Fulham player watches a lot of television as part of his job?

We speak to Christian Damiano about a dimension of the technological revolution in football that is unique to only a handful of clubs, including Fulham - video analysis in coaching and scouting.

A popular misconception in football is that the Premiership is the financial Promised Land. True to a certain degree, but Premiership status certainly does not mean financial security. We expose the myths and get to the heart of what the Premiership means to Fulham in financial terms and why it is so vital that we can be self-sufficient.

We've also got the regulars... Pick Your Own is the battle of the keepers as Edwin vdS's mouthwatering selection takes on Gerry Peyton's classic stars.

Eye Witness Account's is back - this time we've got Tigana's first hand recollections on that tackle - Harold Schumacher's near fatal challenge on Frenchman Patrick Batiston in the '82 World Cup Semi Final between France and Germany. Throw in the Photostory, Ian McCulloch's Alternative Fulham A to Z and that's about your lot.

Fultime Premiership Edition Two, available now from the Club shops, and from programme sellers at the Villa game, £2.75