Hayles proving point

Monday 11 February 2002

Source: Team Talk

Barry Hayles is delighted that he is proving his critics wrong after he scored yet another Premiership goal on Saturday.

Hayles netted Fulham's opener against Blackburn to take his tally to 10 so far this season, making him easily the club's top scorer.

Hayles said: "Things are going very well for me. At the start of the season everybody thought I'd be the makeweight, the man who was kicked out. Don't forget I was only a Conference players a few years ago and a chippy before that."

He added: "Fulham signed all these players and people looked at the team and said 'Barry's on his way'. But all I had to do was put my head down and say 'you've had a hard life, fight it out'.

That's what I did. I fought back and now I'm in the side and now it's up to the others to try and get me out."