Trains, planes and...

Friday 22 February 2002

Newcastle Utd v Fulham, 8th April 2002

As most of you will be aware, the away game against Newcastle United has been re-scheduled to take place on Monday 8 April in order to be screened live on Sky television as a pay-per-view event.

We appreciate that it's a challenging journey at the best of times and the decision to alter the date of the game subsequently means that the Club faces its longest trip of the season on a
weekday evening - this will obviously be a very time-consuming trip, affecting your work commitments and other activities.

We are therefore considering chartering either a train or plane (or both if there is sufficient demand) to Newcastle. A summary of each option is detailed below:

1) Train

Route: Kings Cross to Newcastle
Duration: 3 hours minimum
Capacity: 552 fans
Cost: £32 approx.

2) Plane

Route: Gatwick to Newcastle
Departure: 4.30pm approx. (returning around midnight)
Capacity: plane size depends on demand
Cost: £110 approx.

Why not take advantage and make it a special day out to remember culminating in what promises to be a fantastic Premiership match against one of the title contenders.

Please complete the short questionnaire featured on this site by Tuesday 27 February to give us an indication of the demand for each method of transport...