Press release

Thursday 17 January 2002

High Court Judgement received regarding Club's Planning Application

On Thursday 17 January 2002 in the High Court, the challenge brought by local residents against the Secretary of State's decision not to call in the Club's planning application for his own determination, was dismissed by Mr. Justice Collins. The Club has been a party in these legal proceedings.

The Club's planning application was approved by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (subject to the completion of a legal agreement) in February 2001. The Secretary of State declined to call in the Club's application for determination by way of a public enquiry in March 2001 as it is his policy to do so only in exceptional cases, and as the application did not raise planning issues which were of more than local importance.

Fulham Football Club is extremely pleased by the High Court's decision to dismiss the challenge particularly as the judgment clearly dismisses every issue raised by the complainants.

The decision is vital to the Club's redevelopment aspirations for its Ground at the end of this season and the proposals include many benefits to the local community, for example: the riverside walk, improvements to Bishops Park and the Conservation Areas, the continuance of the Club's extensive Community programme, and additional security provisions in the locality.

Prior to and since submission of the Club's initial application in 1999, an enormous amount of time has been spent in consultation with the requisite bodies to ensure the development will be of the highest standards and will meet, as far as possible, the criteria required for a stadium in this urban area.

The Club believes that the new development will provide a landmark building in harmony with both environment and the Club's brand values. In tandem with the Motspur Park training ground, this new Stadium will provide facilities that allows the Chairman's vision to be fully realised into the new millennium.