NEC thank FFC

Saturday 19 January 2002

This received from Frans Ariaans, Webmaster and board member of the official Supportersclub N.E.C.

Dear FFC

Via this way I would like to thank evrybody at Fulham FC, especially the Supporters club for the great time we had at Craven Cottage.

As you know it was the third time already that we were there with 50 NEC-fans and it looks like it's getting better everytime.

Did you know that our chairman (Hans van Delft) and our technical direcor (Leen Looyen) were also there? They were special guests of your directors, had a lunch and were in the boardroom. They also spoke to Mr. Fayed. They have talked about a lot of things, also about a possible pre-season match between NEC and Fulham!

The directors of Fulham will also be invited for the match against Ajax om May 5th (of you don't reach the Cupfinal). Then there will also be a group of 50 Fulham-fans the Supportersclub again!

It looks like the two clubs are going to have a special relationship on another level as well now!

Yours Sincerely,

Frans Ariaans.

NOTE: Fulham Football Club would like to thank our friends at NEC Nijmegan for their fantastic support at Craven Cottage last Saturday. We look forward to continuing our special relationship in the future...