Reid's praise

Saturday 19 January 2002

Kevin Phillips proved Sunderland's hero once again as his 10th goal of the season denied Fulham victory at the Stadium of Light.

Peter Reid admitted that he is running out of superlatives to describe the man he snapped up from Watford for just £650,000 five years ago.

"You know what I think about him," he said. "You must be fed up with me, the accolades I throw at the kid.

"I think you all know I'm trying to get another striker in and I'll settle for another one like him.

"He's just a terrific footballer, single-minded, and I thought it was a great display today.

"It was a smashing ball from Stefan Schwarz. He waited for the run. It was tight for offside from where I was, but he kept his cool very well, Phillips.

However, it could all have been so different as the visitors dominated before the break.

"I thought we kept at it," said Reid. "I thought it was a good game of football. We kept on going, played well, and the players showed a lot of character. I'm delighted with them."