Homework the key

Saturday 26 January 2002

Despite 82 league places separating Fulham from York City, Fulham's assistant manager Christian Damiano insisted that the Whites had gone into this FA Cup match taking nothing for granted.

Speaking after the 2-0 victory, Damiano told of how nothing was left to chance in the build-up to the match at Bootham Crescent.

"We took them very seriously and did our homework on them. That is why we put our best team out there because although we had a few injuries, we had all our important players up against them."

Credit must be given to the Minstermen, who played well above what their league position suggested they were capable of. A fact that was readily noted by Damiano as he admitted that Fulham didn't have total control of the match.

"I felt we never had true superiority throughout the game, but we always looked the better side on a pitch difficult to play football on. The York goalkeeper made two or three fantastic saves and they played with real spirit - with their hearts and their heads, although were perhaps unlucky.

"They were prepared to take risks and in the end that is why we managed to get the decisive second goal."