Kings of the Road

Tuesday 29 January 2002

The official Fulham website is number one in West London according to the Fulham Chronicle.

Sports Editor Paul Warburton covers Rangers, Fulham and Chelsea gave the following verdict:

"Findings were based on news value, look of web pages and ease of use. Fulham won because they managed against all the odds to make black and white on a web page look attractive.

"Admittedly, they chucked in a bit of red, but it was the tabloid-page look with pictures which made it look fresh."

Fulham's Internet Manager Paul Thorpe commented:

"I'm very pleased. We receive lots of compliments from all over the World but the Fulham Chronicle is rather special as it concentrates on the three West London Clubs.

"Last year I felt we were unlucky to finish in second place behind Chelsea and I was very disappointed. So it's nice to finish above both this time around."

Paul Warburtons 2002 final verdict:

1st: Fulham
2nd: QPR
3rd: Chelsea