Not good enough

Wednesday 30 January 2002

As many of you will know we have been experiencing some problems with our live match commentary in recent weeks.

On every occasion Fulham FC has done everything within its power to ensure that quality commentary and, uninterrupted coverage reaches its supporters across the World.

Speaking shortly after our match against Ipswich Town the Club's Internet Manager Paul Thorpe said:

"Wednesday's match was the last straw. We've given all concerned every opportunity to get things right but this has clearly failed.

"It's now clear that we now have to look at alternatives and put them into operation as soon as possible. This we shall be doing first thing on Thursday morning.

"All I can add at this time is that I am as disappointed as everyone else that things have got progressively worse. Nobody seems to be able to put their finger on the precise reason, so perhaps the only way to solve the issue is to bring in a new broom."

"I would like to apologise to our supporters and send them a promise that getting this right is now a priority for us in the Internet department."