Master Morgan

Thursday 18 July 2002

No sooner had he retired from playing professionally, than he's called back into action to play amongst his peers. The man, of course, is Fulham's Head of Community and Club legend, Simon Morgan.

'Morgs' will be taking the field alongside such Fulham greats as Gordon Davies, Tony Gale and Ray Houghton this coming Sunday. Speaking to Fulham Today, it was clear to see that Morgan was looking forward to the weekend.

"I'm absolutely delighted to be considered old enough to qualify. Having given up playing in April I've put on a stone in weight. I've done no training whatsoever but I'm looking forward to it.

"For the first time Fulham have been invited to take part in the Masters Tournament. It's going to take place on Sunday evening at the London Arena. We're up against the likes of Chelsea and West Ham.

"We'll play six-a-side matches on a small area. Kev Moore played for Southampton a few weeks ago and he told me it was like playing in a sauna.

"I'll be playing with Gordon Davies our greatest goal scorer, Ray Houghton who's probably the Club's best midfielder behind Johnny Haynes and then we've got Tony Gale who'll be our elegant centre-half."

It's been a long time since Simon was the junior member of any playing squad. So does his relative youth mean that we'll be seeing 'the boy Morgan' covering every inch of astroturf?

Being as diplomatic as ever, Simon was eager to play down any advantage that his young legs would provide.

"The level of competition will mean that everyone will try to win, that's just the nature of footballers. We were trying bend the rules and get the Gaffer and Baresi included but then I wouldn't get in the team so you've got to draw the line somewhere."