Final delivery missing

Tuesday 23 July 2002

Saturday saw Fulham finally see off Craven Cottage with a win. After the previous attempts both ended goalless, it was third time lucky as Louis Saha's snapshot finally broke Egaleo's resistance.

Playing in the centre of midfield was John Collins, who put on a typically tidy display. Nonetheless, he was far from happy with the manner of Fulham's victory.

"The weak part of our game on Saturday was our shooting and crossing. Hopefully we'll be able to work a bit more on our final pass and final cross. We're well aware that our final delivery into the box wasn't as good as it should have been," said Collins.

"We were delighted to have won the game whilst not conceding a goal. Again we dominated the game and the opposition sat in and tried to frustrate us. They never committed too many men forward until later in the game, that's when we managed to create a few more chances.

"It was a similar performance to the one against Haka, but there's no doubt that Haka were a weaker team than the Greeks. Technically, Egaleo were much better side. But we can play better, it was only our third game and we still need to sharpen up a little bit. But with a 1-0 win in the bag, we're now in with a good shout of qualifying."

Facundo Sava made his second start for Fulham and looked visibly sharper than his previous outing against FC Haka. It was clear to see that the extra week's training had added that additional yard of pace and stamina to his game.

Collins is a player who can sympathise with Sava's current situation. After making the move from Celtic to Monaco, he too found himself in alien surroundings and was also faced with the obstacle of learning a new language.

"It's going to be hard for him. It's always hard when a new player comes to a club, he's got to deal with a new language and a new style of football. But I'm sure once he gets his first goal, he'll settle down and go from strength to strength," said Collins.

"Facundo's not one who runs and dribbles with the ball. His game is based around receiving the ball, laying it off and getting in the box. He plays it nice and simple, which is a bit different from our other strikers who like to get hold of the ball and attack players. There's no doubt that he is a different type of striker."