Red praise

Sunday 3 March 2002

Liverpool fans have praised the official Fulham website for 'superb matchday coverage' after Saturday's fixture at Craven Cottage.

Red supporters e-mailed the Club in praise of its free live match commentary service, and the words of matchday commentators Paul Thorpe and Jim McGullion.

Nearly 80 e-mails arrived during and after the game. One Liverpool fan, John McCormick wrote:

"Thanks to Fulham FC and your two lads for brilliant coverage of today's game.

"The commentary was always clearly in favour of Fulham but they called each decision fair and square and even had the guts to give a Liverpool player their vote for man of the match.

"As I'm not able to make many away games I usually listen to other Club's match commentary.

"Yours is the best I've heard by a mile. I like the way it's served up in a totally different style to the usual sterile nonsense that you tend to expect from the home team.

"Good luck to Fulham FC for the rest of the season."