Graham on Fulham

Saturday 9 March 2002

George Graham believes that Fulham are a good passing side but says they need to put the ball in the danger area more to score more goals.

Fulham face West Bromwich Albion tomorrow at The Hawthorns in the FA Cup quarter-finals, and speaking ahead of the match, Graham told TEAMtalk:

"It is amazing that Fulham are not scoring goals when you look at some of the forwards they have got.

"They play some lovely football, they play a tremendous passing game, but we're in a winning profession and sometimes the passing has got to lead to something."

The former Tottenham Hotspur boss added: "Passing for passing sake is no good, you need an end product to that.

"They don't put the ball into the danger area enough and you almost think they are trying to string 10 passes together before scoring.

"They have got to put the ball into the danger area to get the goals."