Mels dream

Tuesday 12 March 2002

Captain Andy Melville says it would be the proudest moment of his life if he could lift the FA Cup aloft in front of his family in Wales.

The Wales international defender says the fact that the final is being staged in his home country at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff makes the competition even more special for him this season.

He said: "I'm from Wales, I play for Wales and I'm very, very proud of that. So to play in an FA Cup final in Wales with all my family there would be unbelievable.

"Mark Hughes did it in the Worthington Cup final, so maybe the Welsh are lucky this season.
"It would be the best day of my career if I could follow him, especially if I was the captain. But first we have to beat Chelsea and that won't be easy.

"They want to win the trophy as well and it will be a fantastic game. But we believe we have a strong chance."