Just two more wins

Saturday 30 March 2002

Fulham stopped their run of consecutive defeats at St Mary's stadium with a hard fought draw.

The Whites could have, in fact, taken all three points had it not been for some wasteful finishing from Barry Hayles in the first half. But Steve Marlet's goal was enough to give Fulham the much-needed point.

Speaking after the match Christian Damiano took solace in the fact that Fulham's run of defeats had ended.

"The big point was that we stopped this run of consecutive defeats. This was an important point for everybody.

"We have played well this year and we have tried hard every time. But we have always taken the minimum rather than maximum points.

"It's a reflection of our season when we should win we have drawn and when we should draw we have lost. That is what has happened to us virtually all season."

Looking at the league table, Damiano identified the 41-point mark as the main target for Fulham.

"We are safe with 41 points. This season it is very close between many teams, both at the top and at the bottom. Over the last six years the average for safety has been 41 points - we need to win two more games.