Thank you

Sunday 12 May 2002

On behalf of the Fulham Today website team the Club would like to thank the following people for their sterling efforts once again this season.

'Fulham Dave' Paton who decided to take early retirement and was substituted just after half time by the superb Gary Double... Thanks lads.

Roger Smith deserves a special mention. Supporting the Whites faithfully from afar Roger's pieces come have come with a slightly different spin. Like me I'm sure you've enjoyed reading them all...

Mullers and Galey have both been brilliant. The only trouble we've had is keeping them down to about 2000 words a week! Thanks Alan and Tony...

Ian McCulloch has been a super addition to our team. Another life-long fan he's added something a bit special on a daily basis. Thanks Ian...

And a special mention should go to Jim McGullion who has followed the club all over the country bringing you all the matchday action. Despite facing all manner of last-minute problems, Jim has always come through. And his weekly contributions have always been a pleasure to read.

Javier Garcia, our official 'unofficial' photographer (or the modern day Ken Coton if you like) travels the land following his team, bringing you some of the finest Fulham focused pics in the World. We hope everyone appreciates the effort put in by Javier and indeed all those mentioned above.

Lastly, but most importantly, we'd like to thank you our loyal readers who have once again made our website one of the most popular in British football. Thanks to you all, there's no summer break for us so we'll continue to see you on a day to day basis.


Paul Thorpe
Internet Manager