Sava the surprise

Monday 27 May 2002

South American football observer Sebastian Ramirez believes that Whites new signing Facundo Sava has what it takes to be a real success in next season's Premiership.

The 28-year-old striker made his move from Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata to Craven Cottage final on Friday and immediately caught the imagination of Fulham fans who hope they've picked up a gem.

Ramirez however, has no doubts about Sava's ability and warned that whilst multi-million pound transfers in Argentina are rare, the amount of money spent on a player has little bearing on his actual ability. He explained:

"Money is in short supply in Argentinean football.

"Whilst two or three million pounds might not buy you a star here in England, in Argentina it's a big deal and Clubs are desperate for that sort of cash.

"When an offer comes from a European Club for say two or three million, then most Clubs at home will see that as an opportunity too good to turn away, regardless of the players ability.

"Sava is well known in his homeland and he'll bring his own following with him. It'll be interesting to see how he copes with the Premiership but I expect him to do well.

He added:

"I've spoken to people at home since the move and everyone expects him to surprise a lot of people in England.

"He's quick and has two good feet. But his real strength is his heading ability and his all round physical presence.

"He is a strong man who has great power and strength. Around the penalty area he could win lots of games for his team particularly from the air."

Whilst Sava looks up to his challenge the unlikely name of Facundo leaves Whites fans with something of a dilemma... finding a song for their new hero!

Ramirez explained:

"Facundo is not a common name in South America. In England it would be seen as a high class name, although there is no direct translation."

No doubt Fulham fans will come up with something!