Wome injury update

Friday 13 September 2002

Whist Wednesday's encounter with Tottenham was a thrilling affair; few people will forget the horrid second half collision between Pierre Wome and Spurs defender Chris Perry.

The 50-50 challenge left both players requiring treatment on the pitch and ended their participation in the match.

Speaking to Fulham Today before the team travelled up to Sunderland, Club physio Jason Palmer gave the latest on Wome's situation.

"After the challenge Pierre had a laceration to his upper lip and a minor one to his lower lip," said Palmer. "The upper lip injury was a tear through the full thickness of his lip; as a result he required some stitches.

"He also had a contusion to his eye which caused some damage to his eyelid. He had an immediate review with an eye specialist, which showed that there wasn't any injury to the eye itself. He's already back in full fitness training, he's just avoiding any contact to the area for the next couple of days as a precaution.

"Unfortunately when you look at the slow motion replay, you tend to focus on what Pierre's doing to Chris Perry. You could see it wasn't intentional and it was clearly a bad injury for Perry.

"Perry's foot also went through and clipped across Pierre's mouth and then straight up to the orbit of his eye. Pierre was very luck that he didn't sustain any injury to his eyeball. I think he must have caught the heel of the boot across his eye lid, so all he's left with is a black eye."