Monday 16 September 2002

What a week! Like many other Fulham fans, I was almost ready to go home at half time on Wednesday at Loftus Road. (Said tongue firmly in cheek of course.)

But seriously, who would have imagined then, that come 5pm on Saturday we'd be sitting 5th in the Premiership League table with 6 points firmly tucked under our belts after two superb wins in a week? Not many I imagine.

For me the Tottenham match has to rank right up there with the very best. Not quite a Carlisle or a Blackburn, but close, very close indeed...

The fact that Jim and I were almost surrounded by Spurs fans in the commentary box only served to make it even more pleasurable of course. I'm talking about most of the journalist's who seem quite peeved that our boys managed such a stunning comeback. Apart from Former East Ender and avid Gooner Tom Watt who looked almost as delighted as we did.

Both your matchday commentators completely lost the plot as our winner hit the back of the net. Only football can make you feel like that (You know what I mean) and the next morning I ached all over... God knows how I managed to hurt my neck; ribs and shin all in one goal celebration!

Winning of course, always makes life so much more pleasurable. Thursday and Friday saw everyone at the Club on a high and looking forward with great optimism to our game at the Stadium of Light at the weekend. Not least the lads who were in great spirits.

Being an employee of the Club you support has many obvious benefits. One however, has become almost impossible these days and that's being able to attend away games.

With the profile of the Club and the demand for 'news as it happens' being as high as it is, both Dom and are now required to be in front of the PC rather than behind the goal among the rest of the fans on away days.

As a regular traveller for many years, it's been hard over the last couple of seasons changing a routine that you're so used to. And having done the treks to Doncaster and Plymouth in the hope of seeing your team play at Liverpool and Manchester United, it's a bit of a downer having to miss out when you finally get there.

But staying at home overseeing the commentary (and what a job our Jim does) and being in constant touch monitoring the game electronically does have some weird advantages. For a start, losing is (a little) easier. You can sit alone, sulk and get it out of your system faster than the poor souls having to watch celebrating home fans 'wave' goodbye as you leave the ground by coach.

You can also get to work immediately the final whistle goes, and from a professional point of view, it's nice to get our website updated as quickly as possible with the best available reports, images and rection.

Missing a victory however, like the one at Sunderland on Saturday is almost unbearable. And what a cracking win it was.

OK, so Sunderland aren't setting the World alight. But no matter, you can only beat what's in front of you and three goals away from home against any team in the top flight is top stuff in anyone's book. It certainly set's us up nicely for our Thursday night trip to Croatia and our UEFA Cup debut. And doesn't that have a nice ring to it?