Whites lose at Everton

Saturday 28 September 2002

Christian Damiano conceded that Everton deserved to win Saturday's match, after Fulham failed to capitalise on a bright start.

With the Whites having never won a league match at Goodison Park, the history books were certainly in favour of the home side. Yet with only a single defeat in fifteen games leading up to the match, Fulham had every right to feel confident.

Indeed, the Whites could have been a goal up inside the first quarter of an hour after Sylvain Legwinski burst through the Everton rearguard. Wright saved his shot and the follow up from Barry Hayles was cleared off the line. That proved to be Fulham's best chance of the match.

The opportunity should have sparked Fulham into a spell of domination, but instead Everton rallied and built up a head of steam - the rewards of which were seen in the closing minutes of the first half with goals from Campbell and Gravesen in quick succession.

After the match, assistant manager Christian Damiano gave his assessment.

"When two teams are competing like they were, there is going to be physical contact and there are bound to be incidents, but it didn't look like anything really serious happened," said Damiano of a confrontation between both sets of players.

"We had played a very tough game with Fulham in the week, maybe we were tired, fatigued from that.

"We are disappointed with the result, we had been fantastic early on but then we lost Goma with what could be a hamstring injury, and that affected us. In the end they had more chances and deserved to win."